Are You Stranded in Agonizing Grief, Anger, and Depression From Your Loss?

Or, Are You Struggling, Watching Your Loved One Suffer As You Hope and Pray For Healing?

We Can Help. Please Join Us Free to Learn How to Better Cope.

I Say, Grieve With Grace…

    • If you are experiencing a heart-crushing loss…

    • If you are sick of being drowned in a sea of tears…

    • And tired of being told that “this is your new normal”…

Our mission is to help everyone suffering a great loss see that there is an alternative to a life of sorrow and grief. We are inviting you to experience a new approach to endless mourning, bereavement, and grief.

“I wrote this book and created the Grace Initiative to honor Jan’s legacy and give you HOPE for a life well above your river of tears… well above the valley of dread and doom.”

Experts will tell you grief lasts forever, and in time, the numbness you now feel will fade into just sameness.

Acceptance of our loss is all we can expect.

This is not true.

My story is your story and how our story ends is a matter of Grace.

God Bless,
Eric Richard Haas, CEO, Author x28 and a man who now lives in a beautiful state of Grace