Beyond The Storm: God’s Promises ~ Your Plans ~ Winning Life’s 5 Greatest Missions In His Service

What we want most: A light shining through the darkness; a rainbow after the storm…

By Eric Richard Haas, Author

Years ago, we created a Believer’s Guide to not just understand God’s Promises but to use them to shape our plans.

To shape our futures would be more accurate.

It started when we released Success On Purpose: The Starting Point to a Life of Happiness, Satisfaction, and Significance.

Success On Purpose answers 2 of life’s greatest questions:

  1. What’s my purpose—why on Earth am I here…
  2. How in the world am I going to make it happen?

Success On Purpose was the follow-up to Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.

It received widespread acclaim.

Years later, we were asked to do a Christian Edition, connecting God’s Promises with Your Life. Over the years it has been edited, rewritten, revised, updated, and the point sharpened to aid Believers in better understanding how the promises God makes in the Holy Scriptures can play out in the real world.



These are the 5 Great Missions we must WIN In His Service…

Just before Easter 2024, we updated it again, this time, to be the Leader’s Guide for our Grace Initiative. As you will learn on this site, my wonderful wife of 30 years died from brain cancer on January 9, 2022. I wrote Grieve with Grace as my love story + procedural to help people quickly move BEYOND ACCEPTANCE of our loss, to a life of GRACE: Gratitude, Resilience, Authenticity, Creativity, and Empathy—the stones that must be used to construct your archway of Grace over your river of tears.

Many of these proposed titles are in the project development stage. If you have suggestions or want to tell your story, Add Here…

It was from my work on Grieve With Grace that we decided to do an entire series of books focusing on the real storms we all face from time to time: Cancer, Suicide, Dementia, Chronic Pain, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Betrayal, Abuse… the list is endless. Many of these storms consume our lives.

In all cases, it is critical we quickly find a way to move BEYOND THE STORM.

We are proud to announce the 2024-2025 edition of Beyond The Storm. The eBook edition is now available for sale here on site. To purchase and immediately download your full 300-page copy, click here…

To answer all your questions and get you started, I decided to give you the first 40 pages or so as a preview. Simply click the front cover and you can see what this is all about, and why you need to become a Grace Leader.

Many Thanks,
Eric Richard Haas