Grace Matters

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“Memorial day we pay homage to all those who didn’t come home. This is not Veterans Day, it’s not a celebration, it is a day of solemn contemplation over the cost of freedom.” ~ Tamra Bolton

Every Day is Memorial Day…

So Grace Matters.

In the end, we either take our grief to the grave with us or lift up our spirit—here and now—in Grace.

Years ago I lost a dear friend to the Viet Nam conflict, police action, war, or whatever the politically correct would call it.

Kenny was the best of the best and graduated at the top of his class at the Air Force Academy, flew jets, and in his 25 short years, lived his life on purpose and with Grace.

He died in combat for you and me.

For the past 50 years, I have thought about him and why I lived and he died.

It just didn’t seem right somehow.

He was stronger, faster, smarter, and a tremendously gifted leader.

But, by the Grace of God, he is gone and I am here.

The WHY of it simply does not matter—never did.

To live in Grace, actually live a life of purpose and meaning, means we must carry on in the face of loss.

We must do something, anything, every day to be Grateful, Resilient, Authentic, Creative, and Empathetic.

When I go back to the Academy as I do every so often, I will sit in the front row and cry as I always do.

But they will now be tears of Grace, not grief.

I have been given an opportunity that has taken me a lifetime to see.

Thank you for your service and for dying for me Kenny. I will honor your name, in Grace.

Eric Richard Haas



Written by HunrayOne

Eric Richard Haas lost his beautiful wife, Janice, to incurable cancer on January 9, 2022, after 30 wonderful years of marriage. Together they have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, and 8 great-grandkids. Eric (E.R) is the CEO of the TQ Smart family of companies, a serial entrepreneur x22 and author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) E. R. lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beautiful cat, Kissie



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