The Grace Habit

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An Important Tool For Healing…

So much of our lives are spent in search of meaning and purpose, especially during a time of pain and suffering.

The other day, as we were wrapping up a Grief Share session, I advised a young woman that she would carry her grief and pain until she made Grace a habit.

Every time she mentioned her departed husband’s name she would break into uncontrollable tears. Just hearing his name, or speaking it triggered a torrent of tears.

Quite inadvertently she had made grief and crying an unwelcome habit.

After a few hugs and a quiet moment, I suggested that when she even thinks about Don that she uses his name as a positive trigger, releasing the power of Grace instead of the unleashing the cascading feelings of grief.

Simply make it a habit to run through the 5 keywords that define Grace. Whenever you say or hear the name: Don..

I am so Grateful for the 25 years I had with Don…

Even through the pain of losing Don, I have become more Resilient

Knowing that Don is in Heaven always brings out the real, Authentic me…

Don is with me as I Create a wonderful new life…

Feeling that Don is with me makes it easy for me to Empathize with others…

All habits contain 3 elements: 1-Cue/Trigger, 2-Behavior/Action, 3-Reward/Benefit.

For example, a bad habit still produces some reward when triggered and causes you to take action. Maybe you sadly lost a son or daughter. You see a happy child >> it triggers a memory >> you cry. Tears are the unwanted reward.

But instead, you trigger the memory >> and smile instead of cry… because you are truly grateful for all the time you spent with your son or daughter. A positive emotional upbeat is now your reward.

This simple idea helps you build your bridge of Grace over the raging river of tears flowing down in the valley of doom and dread.

Try it. It works for me and I know it will work for you too!

God Bless,

Eric Richard Haas

Your Bridge of Grace over the River of Tears

Written by HunrayOne

Eric Richard Haas lost his beautiful wife, Janice, to incurable cancer on January 9, 2022, after 30 wonderful years of marriage. Together they have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, and 8 great-grandkids. Eric (E.R) is the CEO of the TQ Smart family of companies, a serial entrepreneur x22 and author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) E. R. lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beautiful cat, Kissie



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