Remorse or Grace on the Road to Legacy

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Fact: You will leave a legacy…

It will either be a positive and lasting impact on your family, friends, or the world at large…

Or, it will be negative, maybe worse… you will leave nothing behind that proves the value of the one life you had to live.

I am not talking about merely distributing your cash, stocks, and real estate if any. That’s not a legacy until it has a meaningful impact on the world you left behind.

Leaving behind a legacy means making an impact that will last loIng after you die. It could be financial, with something you create, or through the people you touch while you’re alive. The good news is, that it’s never too late to start working on building a legacy that will outlive you.

While Jan was getting sicker and sicker from the brain cancer, she and I spent a lot of time talking about this.

What did she want to leave our large and growing family?

How did she want to be remembered?

There is no better time to answer those two questions than now.

We are always at that fork in the road that leads to both, our destiny and our legacy.

Invest your Time, Talent, and Treasure With Grace, and you prepare the path for both you and your loved one.

Stop for just a moment on the hour today.

Think about how you and the person you love would like to be remembered for all time.

Think about the path you are on.

Is your life infused with Grace: Gratitude, Resilience, Authenticity, Creativity, and Empathy?

Or are you willing to settle for Grief, Remorse, Anger, Confusion, and Emptiness?

This is a choice that we never see coming until it is way too late.

All I know for certain is that Grace overcomes grief every time.

Yes, I understand. You are going through a loss and now I am asking you to think about your future.

It’s not about how you will be remembered that matters.

It’s how both you and your loved one will be remembered, together, over the vast sea of time.

Only you can decide what “together forever” means to you.

God Bless,
Eric R. Haas

Written by HunrayOne

Eric Richard Haas lost his beautiful wife, Janice, to incurable cancer on January 9, 2022, after 30 wonderful years of marriage. Together they have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, and 8 great-grandkids. Eric (E.R) is the CEO of the TQ Smart family of companies, a serial entrepreneur x22 and author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) E. R. lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beautiful cat, Kissie



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