The Power of Gratitude

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A Thought On Thankfulness…

For some, the notion of gratitude and thankfulness is embedded into their being. They have no other way of living except to be grateful for who they are and what they have.

Some see gratitude in more of an abstract way — they understand the idea but don’t buy into the true meaning of the word.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” ~ Denis Waitley

There are those who I would call Situationally Grateful — depending on circumstances they give thanks but still live their life in more of a “gratitude bubble”.

Shortly after Jan was diagnosed with Brain Cancer my world shifted from optimism to deep gloom — not what you would call depression, but a darkness of thought that my world as I knew it was ending.

And that was true. That life ended as my new future was beginning.

And little did I know that my sorrow would become tears of gratitude.

One day I lamented to Kent, my business partner, that I felt robbed of the future and the life we were to have together. If you read my story, you know that we always had a fun plan for next week, next month, and the next five years.

I told Kent that at best I might have a few years left and that cancer robbed me of that time we would have had together — blessed time in both the quiet hours and fun adventures.

The advice he gave me was profound.

“You have no idea how many years you have ahead and to dwell on losing something you never had is insane. You have the next year ahead and be grateful for whatever opportunities come your way. And when you say your prayers each morning and night, thank the Good Lord for the fabulous 30 years you had together. You and Jan were blessed. Believe it.”

Of course, he is right.

My gratitude for having Jan in my life grows stronger each day.

No, even 30 wonderful years is not enough but it has to be. I must be grateful for every minute we spent together, especially with all our adventures up and down this mountain.

Instead of being blinded by the anger, I wake up and look out to Mount San Jacinto and say, “Morning sweetie — looks like we are experiencing another beautiful day in paradise.”

I will hold that thought every minute until I too join her in the paradise beyond our earthly horizons.

God Bless,
Eric Richard Haas


Written by HunrayOne

Eric Richard Haas lost his beautiful wife, Janice, to incurable cancer on January 9, 2022, after 30 wonderful years of marriage. Together they have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, and 8 great-grandkids. Eric (E.R) is the CEO of the TQ Smart family of companies, a serial entrepreneur x22 and author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) E. R. lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beautiful cat, Kissie



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