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“I’m throwing myself back in because I like being married. I don’t want to end this whole fabulous journey alone. I want someone by my side who I love and who loves me. I’ve finally found somebody who’s up to the task of being my wife, because I’m very high maintenance.” ~ Neil Diamond

Feeling the Joy of Christmas…

Last night I went to a wonderful party hosted by The Woman’s Leadership Forum at a very swanky jewelry store here in the desert.

We were all dressed to kill and excited to be together.

I felt at home.

The endless banter and honest laughter brought back warm feelings of years gone by.

They say that your first Christmas after losing a loved one is the hardest.

They also say that life is a journey, not a destination.

Which leads me to a train of thought that never occurred to me before…

Who are “they” to be giving me advice, and how do “they” know anything about where I am going…

Which train I am boarding…

And Why?

Without getting too deep in the weeds, we are all on a train heading down the endless tracks toward eternity.

Christmas is not a station stop along the way, it is part and parcel of our shared destiny.

Jan was “Christmas-crazy” — one year we even had 8 full-sized trees up. After Christmas, we had 2…

One in our guest room known as “Mrs. Christmas Bed and Breakfast” and the other in our kitchen—more of a seasonal affair.

It does seem odd that Jan is not here to celebrate the seasons. In fact, it just seems wrong.

Like my friend, Neil Diamond, I want to love and be loved again.

Love… that is the feeling of Christmas I will keep in my heart through all the seasons as I approach my station-stop on the platform of destiny.

Merry Christmas,
Eric Richard Haas



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Eric Richard Haas lost his beautiful wife, Janice, to incurable cancer on January 9, 2022, after 30 wonderful years of marriage. Together they have 5 kids, 9 grandkids, and 8 great-grandkids. Eric (E.R) is the CEO of the TQ Smart family of companies, a serial entrepreneur x22 and author x27 (AKA The Invisible Billionaire) E. R. lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beautiful cat, Kissie



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